Book #2 of the Breathless Series


Publish Date: March 16th, 2014
Series: Breathless
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Addison Grant had no way of knowing that a chance meeting with a sexy bartender would have the power to alter her entire existence. In one word, one touch, he consumed her. But can something this good really last forever? Now that Addison knows the truth about Liam Mason, will she be able to forgive the betrayal or will she have the strength to walk away from the one man that she can’t live without? Liam is determined to show Addison that he is the man she fell in love with but she quickly learns that loving a man like Liam is not as easy as it seems. He has a past but then again who doesn’t? But when the past collides with the future, it not only threatens everything she has built for herself but it also threatens the one thing she has fought so hard to protect; her heart.


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