Book #3 of the Breathless Series


Publish Date: March 17th, 2014
Series: Breathless
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Addison Grant had no way of knowing that a chance meeting with a sexy bartender would have the power to alter her entire existence. In one word, one touch, he consumed her. But can something this good really last forever? Liam Mason was everything Addison Grant shouldn’t want but he was everything she needed. Sweeping her off her feet and showing her a world she had only ever dreamed of, he was her fairytale, her happily ever after, or so she thought. But Liam is a man of many secrets and what’s worse than a man with secrets? One who refuses to share them. But secrets always have a way of coming out in the end….. Can Addison push past the deceit and lies and see the man Liam truly is? And if she can, will Liam turn out being the man she fell in love with or a man she no longer recognizes? When the past and future collide, how far would you go to save the only thing that you can’t live without?


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