Book #2 of the Two Hearts Series


Publish Date: July 20th, 2014
Series: Two Hearts
Genre: New Adult Romance

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After losing her high school sweetheart in a tragic cliff diving accident five years ago, Grace Morgan had no interest in loving again. Deeming it better to not love than to risk losing anymore of herself, she closed herself off to the possibility of ever falling in love again. But all of that changed the moment she laid eyes on Zayne Evans. Her older brother’s best friend, a successful entrepreneur and a known womanizer, Zayne is exactly the type of man that Grace needs to avoid and yet he is the only man that she wants. Zayne is the one person that can see through Grace’s façade. Grace is the one woman who is not blinded by Zayne’s looks, money, or his untouchable persona. They challenge each other in a way that neither has been challenged before. But with their relationship already surrounded by secrecy and lies, Grace quickly realizes that if she wants any hope of a life with Zayne, she will need to be willing to risk everything to be with him..... Embrace is the conclusion of Grace and Zayne's story in the final installment of the Two Hearts Series


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