Tequila Haze


Book #1 of the Tequila Duet Series


Publish Date: May 10th, 2018
Series: Tequila Duet
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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It was destiny-- the night I met Hudson Demasi.

I remember how effortlessly he stole my heart- his dark eyes and quick smile forever etched into my mind. We spent one incredible night together under a haze of tequila- a perfect night. And when I woke the next day, he was gone...

I never expected to see him again. Years passed and with it, life went on. Until one day there he was- standing in front of me like no time had passed at all.

He's determined to remedy his mistakes. I'm determined to let him try. Because even though I know I should walk away- the urge to feel the burn is just too strong.


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