Crazy Stupid Perfection


Book #3 of the Crazy Love Series


Publish Date: October 4th, 2016
Series: Crazy Love
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Paxton Stewart… The boy I spent my entire childhood pining after. He never saw me of course. To him I was just a child. His best friend’s baby sister. A silly little girl. Until I wasn’t anymore… I thought I could be the one to change him. The one to tame him. Instead, I became one of the many broken hearts he left in his path. I didn’t run away. I had planned to leave all along. But what I didn’t plan for was how I would feel returning all these years later. One look and it all came back. One look and suddenly I remembered everything… Every word. Every kiss. Every touch. Even after everything he put me through; Paxton Stewart still owns my heart. The only question remaining is what he plans to do with it now… Crazy Stupid Perfection is the third of three standalone novels in the Crazy Love series.


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