When it Comes to You

When it Comes to You

Eight years ago I ran.

I ran from my parents.

I ran from my pain.

I ran from him

I never wanted to go back.

If not for my best friend’s wedding, I likely never would have.

The plan was simple.

Get in. Get out.

Easy as that.

Only I should have known nothing is ever that simple.

Especially when Westin Carver is involved.

He broke my heart once.

Or rather, he completely annihilated it.

And I have no doubt that if given the chance, he’d do it all over again.

But even knowing that, it doesn’t change the way I crave him.

The way my body reacts to him.

The way one touch completely obliterates the wall I built between us.

But when it comes to Westin not everything is as it seems.

They say love is blind. In my case, love is blinding.

Because I should have seen what was coming next…

And I didn’t.