NOW LIVE & Available on most major platforms!

NOW LIVE & Available on most major platforms!

The Shadow Kingdom is NOW LIVE!!

The hybrid:

Athena Elliot has always believed she was different- that something more existed beneath her frail, human form than just blood and bone. A whisper of power that she could never quite place but could always feel, simmering just beneath the surface.

When she’s taken prisoner- held captive inside a realm she believed to be nothing more than myth- she learns it goes far beyond what she ever imagined possible.

A hybrid. Part human, part wielder- more powerful than both- the only living one of her kind.

But if Thena has any hope of surviving in a world where everyone wants to either steal her power or see her dead, she’s going to have to master a magic she never could have dreamt of possessing.

The shadow prince:

A powerful wielder- a magical creature long since lost to the human world- Haytham’s realm is dying- poisoned by an unknown source that’s draining the land, and the people, of their magic. While many are quick to place blame on what they view as an impure bloodline, Haytham believes that the hybrid is not the cause, but the very cure they’ve been searching for.

Determined to protect Thena at all cost, Haytham will stop at nothing to ensure her safety, including betraying his own father- who would love nothing more than to put an end to the hybrid bloodline for good.

The stakes:

In a realm divided by factions of power all vying for control, it’s hard to know who you can trust. And when true intentions are revealed, Thena stands to lose a lot more than just her heart.