Romantic Suspense

Fire & Silk

The one word that describes my entire life.
They didn’t want me to know my true identity.
Now, I know why…

Held against my will.
I’ve become a bargaining chip in a blood feud that spans decades.

Mateo Rivera is the one calling the shots.
His father’s death put him in charge.
Now he holds all the power.

I should have known that he would ruin me the moment I laid eyes on him.
And he did.

He introduced me to a whole new world.
One filled with danger and desire.
I wasn’t just his prisoner.
I was his prize.

But as the saying goes, if you lie with the devil, you’ll wake in hell.
And now all that’s left is for me to burn.

Beyond Love Lies Deceit

Revenge is not the answer.
There is no peace in vengeance.
These are the things my mother taught me as a child.
I used to believe she was right.
I used to believe a lot of things…

I swore one day he would pay.
One day he would understand what it feels like to lose everything.
But just when I think I understand the rules, the game changes…

Now my very life hangs in the balance and there’s only one person that can save me.
But first he has to learn the truth about who I really am…

My name is Samantha Cole and this is my story.